Monday, June 16, 2008

Cute pics of Rachel

So for this being my first post I thought I'd start by showing off my little cutie. We had these taken by Keri. I love these pictures!


Tierra Lowry said...

Such cute pictures. I love Keri.

Gleason Family said...

Hey Debbie! I just found your blog through Sarah (Beal). SUCH cute pics of your little gal! She is adorable! Last time I saw you was at your baby shower. We should get together this summer with April, Brooke, Tami, whoever! -Stasia

Jenn Mize said...

Hey Debbie and Kevin! I got your blog from Sara's. So cute! Your daughter is ADORABLE! I love your salon too, it is SO cute! I'm so excited you guys are blogging, I love keeping in touch with everyone this way! :) Our blog is...!
Love you guys!
Jenn (Boehrer) Mize

Keli & Mike said...

I love the pictures of Rachel, they are so cute! Hope you don't mind if I add you to our friend list on our blog. Thanks again for fixing Jamison's hair, I love it now!