Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fruit of the loom

Last friday we were invited to a Halloween party. April and I came up with the idea for fruit of the loom. Kevin came up with the idea to put me in high water purple mom jeans compliments of goodwill. They were nasty. But besides the jeans, Our costumes came out great. I was really impressed with Scott's apple costume. Also Kevin did a really good job creating his leaf costume. The party was fun. Steph and Ben sure threw a good party. April and I both had a hard time squeezing through the crowds. Imagine that!

Check out this video link below to see where we got our inspriation!!



Katy Beth said...

Too cute! Such a good idea!

Btw, where did you get your layout? I love it!

Tara said...

I love it. Sounds like life is great for you.