Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some random things about Debbie

1. I can bark like a dog.

2. My favorite food is Chili's quesadilla explosion salad.

3. I'm the youngest of 7 kids.

4. My weakness is bargain shopping.

5. My favorite tv shows are So you think you can dance and the office.

6. I have a fear of midgets.

7. My favorite treat is safeway's tuxedo mint cookies.

8. When my hair is really dark I look like Micheal Jackson.

9. If I could be somewhere else right now it would be Tennessee watching the leaves change colors and a Vols game.

10. I hate cleaning stove tops and toilets.

11.When I was younger I wanted to be a Physical therapist.

12. Sometimes I wish I was still a missionary.

13. I still drive my first car.

14. I am fascinated by Afros.


Keri said...

haha! those are pretty funny! I feel like I know you a little better...I thought the michael jackson thing was funny!

Cari-Ann said...

Funny I thought it was God's way of saying you should come visit me! Oh well. I thought of you the other day when we were passing through Missouri and stopped at a McDonalds. There was a guy there with a full on LONG mullet in a business suit. Oh I wanted to take a picture for you!