Sunday, November 16, 2008

My baby girl

Look at those pretty blues
Baby got back

I love this one!

Rachel throws a "4 real" sign

Rachel is such a delight to have around. She has such a cute personality. She loves people and likes to go to strangers. The other day Kevin took Rachel shopping with him at Sportsman's Warehouse. As he was looking at some guns (he is really into them right now... thanks a lot Andy jk) Rachel walked up to a group of women and wanted to be picked up. It was funny because one of the ladies kind of looked at Kevin and then picked up Rachel and brought her over to him. When the lady got to Kevin she said something like "I'm sorry, but she wanted to be picked up" and Kevin's response was classic... he looked at the lady right in the eye and with a straight face said "that's not my kid." LOL! I guess it freaked the lady out pretty good. Kevin is always the jokester. I am so lucky to have them both in my life. I love my little family!


Katy Beth said...

Too cute! She's adorable!! his response! Sounds like something Joey would do.

Teresa Johnson said...

Cute pics! What a little cutie you have there!

Jaimee said...

Cute pictures, Debbie. You guys look great!

The Hunt Family said...

I love those pictures! the one with her hat is too cute. Paul and Kevin should get together and shoot things! We are going to the range soon. fun fun.

Chris and Lisa said...

OMG- you weren't kidding when you told me Kevin has a sarcastic sense of humor. too funny!!! i love all the pictures of Rachel - she is getting so big so fast!