Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our sign part 2

Today we came home from church and this is what our sign looked like. Crazy! This time it was too messed up to fix. Luckily our good friend April brought us a new one. I can't believe how much hate people have towards us. The sign was bad but hearing the stories from friends and families are even harder to bare. We all have friends and loved ones that are homosexuals. This isn't about discriminating against them. It's about our families and teaching them what is right.


THE HAGES said...

Someone just took our when we were at church. What is the deal with people? Bryan says he wants to go in the middle of the night and put signs on everyones lawn! Anyway, I hope April has another sign because she is getting a phone call from me today.

Teresa Johnson said...

That's horrible! What has the world come to?

Tierra Lowry said...

That's exactly what ours looked like too. I think the neighbor kids got to it though.