Sunday, April 19, 2009

Building a garden

This will be our third summer in our home and so we decided it was finally time to build a garden. Exciting stuff! I always end up killing my plants and so I went to an enrichment activity on gardening. I learned about soil, and bugs (both good and bad), what kind of seeds and plants work best, how to build the boxes and about other things pertaining to gardening. I was pretty pumped to attempt gardening, now that I understood it a little better. Luckily for me, when I say "we" want to start a project the Kevin side of "we" usually takes over and gets the job done. So far we have planted 3 different types of tomatoes, bell peppers, Zucchini, cilantro, basil, mint and some flowers that bring in the good bugs. We still need to plant some seeds and hope to have a decent garden. We also planted a lemon tree, a mandarin tree, some berries, and a kumquat tree. We are really excited!

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Tierra Lowry said...

Cool! We need to do something like that. I just saw April Shouse's boxes too. Good luck. Put pictures up of your progress. I would love to see them.